New service for electric car owners is a new web service for owners of electric vehicles or EVs. EV owners can post reviews oftheir cars on this website. After logging into their account, they can post a review of their EV and describe what they like and dislike about their car, its consumption, driving characteristics, etc.

They can also add photos to the review. He can also describe which EVs he chose from before buying. I also really like the fact that readers can rate the reviews on how well they are done. It is marked with stars from one to ten.

Some of the best reviews I've found include these:

Tesla 3 - Feels like aspaceship

TeslaModel S Performance - 800 horsepower and 80,000 km almost free

Renault ZOE - the car with the best ratio of range and equipment to market price

Tesla Model 3 2020 LR: review after ayear

But the server also contains news on the electric car market, the NEWS section

I really like the news about the new Mercedes EQA

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